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Why this Website?

Property investing has a plethora of moving parts. You need to wear many different hats and systematically build an investment business. To succeed, you need a strong foundation and an ability to think critically, manage risk and act independently on the property investment objectives that are right to you.

There are plenty of guides on property investment. From books, forums and through to courses and coaching, you have a huge choice. But, I felt that something was missing – a guide that really starts at the beginning, to equip already intelligent professionals with a healthy balance of strategic and tactical advice. This website closes that gap.

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Who this Website is For

I wrote this guide for an audience of first-time property investors, entry to mid-level experienced investors and property business owners looking to scale and grow.

This guide is specifically about property investment, with the emphasis on investment! I will not talk in detail about Rent-to-Rent or Deal Packaging for onward sale to other investors. Whilst this, done correctly, can create income, it is not investing in the same way that owning a letting agency is not property investment.

Most of all, irrespective of your property experience, I want you to walk away feeling confident about your property investment strategy and objectives, together with an action plan on how to achieve them.

Build -> Systemise -> Grow

Property investing can be boiled down to three phases:

  1. Build
    • Understanding property as an investment vehicle.
    • Setting goals and choosing a property investing strategy.
    • Putting a plan together in your personal Property Investment Blueprint.
    • Buying your first property and building a portfolio.
  2. Systemise
    • Understanding the tenant lifecycle.
    • Managing your property portfolio
    • Building a system and outsourcing.
    • Becoming the CEO of your property business.
  3. Grow
    • Using private finance.
    • Undertaking joint ventures.
    • Changing strategies.
    • Doing bigger deals.

I have grouped the resources on this website by phase, so you can jump to the elements that apply to you.

Property Investing Build Phase

Why Property as an Investment Vehicle?

My top 7 reasons for investing in property:

  1. How leverage turbo charges your returns (and can turn against you)
  2. Create instant wealth by making money when you buy
  3. Force appreciation by adding value
  4. How property can provide a blended return of income and growth
  5. My definition of how property can be a passive income
  6. How you can get rewarded well for high value tasks
  7. Buying property to hold is a forgiving strategy

A comparison with the alternatives to building wealth.

Becoming a Smarter Property Investor

What Pillars of Stability you should have in place before even considering property investing.

The 3 Key Ingredients of property investing. How do you shape up?

Investing locally or at a distance? Two methods to help you choose which is right for you.

An overview of tax considerations (but seek professional advice).

Why property investing is a business and should be treated like one. Act like a CEO.

The 3 approaches to property management.

The Risk – Return Spectrum. Where do you sit?

What it takes to be a successful property investor.

Property Investing Strategies

Everything is covered in my Complete Guide to Property Investing Strategies. Learn about each strategy and where it sits on the Time – Knowledge – Money Triangle to see if it is right for you.

Specifically, this covers:

  1. Single Lets
  2. Houses in Multiple Occupation
  3. Serviced Accommodation
  4. Mixed Use Property
  5. Commercial Property
  6. Build to Rent
  7. Buy to Sell
  8. Commercial Conversions (Coming soon)!
  9. Advanced Property Strategies
    • Options
    • Title Splitting
    • Short leases
    • Assisted Sale
    • The Multiplier Effect

What you need to know about Rent-to-Rent (and why it is not included in the above).

Designing Your Property Investing Blueprint

Now you have an understanding of the basics, it is time to put together your Property Investment Blueprint. This is effectively your property project plan. This gives you detailed laser focus, so that you can action your plan to reach your objectives. Follow these steps:

What is your Why? Exactly why are you investing in property? What does this mean for you?

A deep dive into your personal Time – Knowledge – Money Triangle. Figure out exactly what you have to work with (and where you might need help).

Your personal Property Investment Blueprint. How to bring it all together into a plan that works for you.

Risk Management. The road ahead is never smooth. Learn how to identify, prioritise and manage risks you will encounter as you execute your Property Investment Blueprint.

Scenario Analysis, Cash Flow and Profit. Understand your cash flow requirements as you execute your plan. Property is a capital intensive business, so ensure you know where your cash squeezes will be under various model stress testing.

Now you should have a clear project plan and an understanding of the risks you can face. You are now ready to execute and actually start to look for properties that fit your Property Investment Blueprint!

Note: This is very much a work in progress! As I write new articles, I will add them here. Please consider signing up on the right hand side, if you want notification of when new material has been added. Any questions, then please contact me.