Here’s what Smarter Property Investment is all about

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the questions below, you are in the right place.

“How do I get started in property investment?”

“Where should I invest?”

“What sort of property should I buy?”

“How do I determine what makes a good investment?”

“How to I make the most of my capital?”

What to Expect

Proven methods that ensure you build a solid, dependable, well-managed and sustainable property portfolio.

I believe that property investors in the current climate MUST become expert analysts, property managers, compliance officers and business strategists. The old rules no longer work. It isn’t as easy as it once was.

How can you find time to do this while working a full-time job … while raising a family … while trying to do the million other things on your plate? Instead of getting distracted with so many competing approaches (some don’t even qualify as investing, but thats another story), struggling to decide where to even begin and nervous about making an expensive mistake, just subscribe to Smarter Property Investment (it’s free).

About Mark Poole

Mark Poole Property Investor

This site was started by Mark Poole. Mark is a property investor and landlord of over 15 years standing.

Having graduated with a Ph.D. in Mathematics, Mark began a career in the City, working for financial services companies. Alongside a busy day job, Mark built a property portfolio, to provide flexible pension options later in life. Building a solid, risk managed, sustainable portfolio means the financial woes of 2008 were not an issue, even as other over-leveraged landlords went to the wall.

Leveraging skills and knowledge built over his career and academic studies, Mark likes to apply the rigorous thinking and approach honed during this time to the field of property investment.

He now focuses on what he enjoys most: Working on new property, consulting and related business ventures.